Southern Ontologies: Reorienting Agendas in Social Ontology


  • David Ludwig
  • Daniel Faabelangne Banuoku
  • Birgit Boogaard
  • Charbel N El-Hani
  • Bernard Yangmaadome Guri
  • Matthias Kramm
  • Vitor Renck
  • Adriana Ressiore C.
  • Jairo Robles-Piñeros
  • Julia J. Turska



Social Ontology, Social Metaphysics, Decolonization, Epistemologies of the South


This article addresses ontological negotiations in the Global South through three case studies of community-based research in Brazil and Ghana. We argue that ontological perspectives of Indigenous people and local communities require an ontological pluralism that recognizes both the plurality of representational tools and of ways of being in the world. Locating these two readings of ontological pluralism in the politics of the Global South, the article highlights a wider dynamic from ontological paternalism to ontological diversity to ontological decolonization. We conclude by arguing that this dynamic provides important lessons for the state for social ontology in academic philosophy and for the design of politically reflexive development interventions.




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Ludwig, David, Daniel Faabelangne Banuoku, Birgit Boogaard, Charbel N El-Hani, Bernard Yangmaadome Guri, Matthias Kramm, Vitor Renck, Adriana Ressiore C., Jairo Robles-Piñeros, and Julia J. Turska. 2024. “Southern Ontologies: Reorienting Agendas in Social Ontology”. Journal of Social Ontology 10 (2). Vienna, Austria.



Special Issue Cultures & Ontologies: Empirical, Ethical & Political Consequences