Practical Intersubjectivity and Normative Guidance: Bratman on Shared Agency


  • Abraham Sesshu Roth Ohio State University


shared agency, practical intersubjectivity, intention, normative guidance, power sharing


In an important new book on shared agency, Michael Bratman develops an account of the normative demand for the coordination of intentions amongst participants in shared agency. Bratman seeks to understand this form of normative guidance in terms of that associated with individual planning intentions. I give reasons to resist his form of reductionism. In addition, I note how Bratman’s discussion raises the interesting issue of the function or purpose of shared intention and of shared agency more generally. According to Bratman, the function of shared intention is to promote interpersonal coordination of intention and action. I suggest that power sharing amongst participants must also be included as a function of shared intention.




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Roth, Abraham Sesshu. 2014. “Practical Intersubjectivity and Normative Guidance: Bratman on Shared Agency”. Journal of Social Ontology 1 (1). Vienna, Austria:39-48.



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